Free (or mostly free) resources

Here you will find a listing of tools that I believe can help your ministry/small church. Please explore them!

Bible Study Tools:

Logos -

This first item is not a free program, but is a great resource I highly recommend. It is a bible study program that has all sorts of features and resources. This software has helped me many times and I highly recommend it. Many of the bible text images were made using this software. (Get the free version of this program here)

e-sword -

This is a free bible study program (some add-on resources do require purchase). Comes with the KJV and Strong’s. Many additional commentaries, dictionaries and study companions are available, most of which are free. I used this prior to getting the Logos software, and still use it quite a bit. There are free resources here that Logos charges for. Between E-Sword and Logos, you will find electronic versions of many of your favorite commentaries and study guides.

The King James Bible in mp3 audio -

Customized for use as a Bible Study Aid with Thru the Bible MP3 Commentaries by Dr. J Vernon McGee. While I have not used the MP3 Bible, It is a blessing to be able to download the entire Thru the Bible series by Dr. McGee.

The Kings Bible -

Free online King James bible, complete with Bible facts, dictionary, Atlas and such. Great for when you don’t have access to your regular bible study software.

Small Church Aids:

Renovate -

This is what I believe is the #1 site focused on church renovation. They have a yearly 3 day conference in Florida, plus assorted one day conferences. There are many tools, books and such that you can find here (many of the books I have quoted from can be found here), and if you happen to be an Amazon Prime member, several of the books are free (or extremely cheap) to download on your Kindle. There are also free short courses you can take to familiarize yourself some of the basics of church renovation.

Church Revitalizer -

This is a ministry by Terry Rials. There is a LOT of good information here for both churches and church revitalizers.

Chuck Lawless

Another new site I recently can across with a whole lot of great information. Highly recommended.

Verge Network

Verge Network is one of the best resources I have found. So good I ended up becoming a member. Lots of ideas for your church or whatever your ministry. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!

Evangelism Renewal -

A new site I was informed about (still checking it out). I have enjoyed many of Thom Rainer's books. I expect the blog portion to have lots of good information.

The  Effective Church Group -

The blog pages of this site has LOTS of great information your church revitalization could use.

Church Hacks -

All sorts of free resources for your church, church website, commentary, marketing tools and such.

Evangelism Coach -

Simple things can be evangelistic! This site helps you focus on how you greet and treat church visitors. First impressions are important!

Groups Matter -

Resources for small groups. Many tools that could be used for small church renovation ideas.

Small -

Not updated very often but a blog focused on small churches. While there may not be many current updates, there is a whole lot of helpful material on this site.

My Church Growth -

Still exploring this one, but it seems to have a lot of useful information.

Home Church tools:

Blessed Quietness Journal -

Assortment of House church and Small church helps.


The Sermon Notebook -

Lots of good sermons. Great for getting sermon ideas.

Preach the word -

Another great place for sermon ideas.


Pixabay -

Any images on this website that were not created by me using a Logos or Windows MEME creator were probably downloaded from this website. All images are free to use.

Promotional resources:

Vista Print

Need promotional items? Banners, Business Cards, pens, fliers? I have always had good service from Vista Print. These are not free, but I believe their items are reasonably priced.

Free Movies:

Fully Free Films -

Free Online Films by Ray Comfort and Living Waters ministries.

Jesus Film Project -

Movies available for  helping you witness.

Educational Resources:

Gulf Coast Bible Institute -

This is where I obtained my Theology degree.  Materials are mailed to you, then you work with your local pastor on the coursework. The price is very affordable.

Independent Baptist Online College -

This one is completely new to me, but looking over it, it sounds promising, and the price is free!

*Please note that my listing of these resources does not mean they endorse this ministry. These are resources I have found useful.