Everything done by this ministry is for the glory of God. As much as possible, I will not charge for my services. There are others that on occasion may assist helping this ministry fulfill it's goal, and they may have a small charge. If that is the case, they will let you know up front as to what you will expect to pay. Again, my services and prices involved are laid out below:

Pulpit Supply: Most churches already have a set fee they will charge for pulpit supply. I will be happy to fill in for whatever your standard price is. As long as this is in Missouri, I will travel anywhere to assist with Pulpit Supply. On the off chance I have two requests for the same weekend, In most instances I can still probably assist as I know a minister in prison ministry who has agreed to assist.

If your church is really hard pressed for funds, don't' worry! I will do this for free. I enjoy sharing Gods word. That alone is honor enough to come and cover a Sunday at your church! 

Website Design: While my services are free, there are some prices I have no control over. This includes Domain Name registration, Monthly website hosting and such. I do not host websites. This website is hosted by, which is a Christian web hosting service. I pay $5.00/month for this service. This is their cheapest plan. Domain Names will run you about $11.00/year depending on who you go with.

You can get a free WordPress site hosted at You can get by without a Domain Name through them, but I highly recommend getting a Domain name/ this allows you to have a name you create that can be memorable for your visitors.

If you would like me to setup a website for your church, I ask that you send me your contact information and a copy of your church Doctrinal statement (I will only assist biblically sound churches).

Computer repair and church electronics setup: My services are free, BUT, if you will need to cover for parts (for example, should it be found that the hard drive is bad, you would need to cover the cost for replacement parts). Same with network setups. I will assist with settingup the systems, but you need to provide the equipment (routers, cables, projectores, speakers, etc).

Prior to my working on you computer equipment, please back up important data. If you are not sure how to do this, I can assist in doing this, but ultimately, you are responsible for your data. Faulty equipment or a virus can cause a loss of data that I would have no control over and may not be able to recover.

Church Evaluation: I charge nothing for the First Time Visitor Impressions evaluation. This is a one-time service. The only exception for this would be if you wanted to have multiple evaluations conducted by multiple individuals. I know a couple of people who can assist with additional follow-up evaluations. I would expect $50.00 + Gas money to be a reasonable charge for their services.

For the Church Revitalization evaluation, I can come in and tell you what to expect, share what I know about the process, and direct you to resources. There is no charge for this. If you are a church seeking a pastor that is interested in doing a church revitalization, please contact me and maybe we can work something out. The Lord has laid on my heart to seek out a church needing this sort of renovation to serve as pastor.

Sermons: FREE. Use them as you like, so long as they are used in a God honoring fashion.

Home Church Option: The first meeting to evaluate needs and expectations is free. I can answer any questions and direct you to resources that can help get you started. If you are interested in making this a possible church plant and need a pastor, I would also be interested in assisting as a pastor.

A few things to note:

  1. These services are offerred to churches with less that 100 members (more along the lines of 10-50 members). 
  2. I only work on one Website design request or Home Church Option review at a time. Between full-time job, pulpit supply and family, I will not over extend myself by taking on more jobs than I can realistically fulfill. If currently involved in a project, I will let you know and contact you when I am available to design another site.
  3. While in most instances my services are free, I never turn down gift cards, gas money and such.