Welcome to The Unknown God

How can we assist your church?

Our Mission Statement:

The entire purpose of the Acts 17:23 ministry is to help small baptist churches declare unto a lost any dying world "The Unknown God". It's as simple as that.

Pulpit Supply

According to the book "Preaching Towards Church Revitalization and Renewal" more than 1500 pastors will leave the ministry permanently each month in America.

Website Design

Church websites have become very important. No more Yellow Pages. People now use websites as a virtual front door for your church!

Computer Support

Is your church or pastor's computer having problems? Viruses and such got you down? Perhaps you need a church network or projectors and such set-up. Depending on the situation, help is an email or call away!

Church Evaluation

Does your church seem to have lost it's spark? Do things appear to have plateaued or in decline? Sometimes there are simple tweaks you can do, other times more drastic steps are in order. There are two types of evaluations that I can assist you with.


The unexpected can happen (illnesses, emergencies, overtime at the secular job). If you can find a use for any of the following sermons notes or blogs, feel free to use them to honor God!

Home Church

A home based ministry can take on many forms depending on location and number of people involved. This could end up becoming anything from a simple bi-weekly bible study to a full-fledged church plant.


A listing of (mostly free) resources that were used to create this website, plus resources that you may find useful for your ministry!

Prices (mostly free)

Everything done by this ministry is for the glory of God. As much as possible, I will not charge for my services. If your church is low on funds, don't let that stop you from contacting me!